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PRESS RELEASE | mieum Universal Charger UC01 - Universal Charger that Works in Over 190 Countries
Seoul, November 16, 2021 -- Today, mieum is proud to announce the launch of its first product, the Universal Charger UC01. The UC01 is a light, sleek and robust charger unit that offers easy access to powering up all your devices at home or traveling. Starting at $64 (MSRP $99), the unique UC01 delivers fast charging through its 30W GaN component along with sustainability through simple upgrade capability. The UC01 is incredibly compact for a 30 GaN power charger, weighing just 130g and only 50mm thick. The design is easy to hold, and incredibly portable. The Universal Charger UC01 is specifically designed for international travel and compatible in over 190 countries worldwide. The UC01 features all-in-one plug that fits electrical outlets for use in North America, Asia, Australia, UK, and EU. The Universal Charger UC01 will be available to back through Kickstarter. It is patent pending.
Design and functional details
4 types of plugs that work in over +190 countries
Modular component supports easy upgrades
Adjustable pins for USA, Australia and China
Rotating component reveals charging pins
Timeless, compact design
Key features
Smart IC to protect devices
Dual charging USB ports
Fast charging 30W output
Able to charge multiple devices
Supports easy upgrading
Simpler living starts with the Universal Charger.
Our vision
Our story
About the company
Press inquiries
Lisa Kim, Co-founder
General inquiries
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